Christopher Reed is a Seattle, WA-based award winning composer, orchestrator, and arranger for both screen and stage. With roots in a wide variety of musical styles, from full symphonic orchestra to three-piece jazz combos and just about everything in between, Christopher has the keen ability to perfectly tailor the mood and feel of his music to any project. His music has been performed by ensembles around the Pacific Northwest and recorded by some of Seattle, Washington’s most elite musicians, including players with the Seattle Symphony and the Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra. His music has also been featured in films originating from up and down the West Coast. 


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While my passion for composition lies with media music, I have enjoyed writing for concerts and personal events. As a composer, I love to be able to bring just the right sound for every occasion. From 3-piece jazz ensembles to sweeping orchestral melodies, whether an indie film or a wedding ceremony, I do it all. Please enjoy!


Midnight in the City

Full Orchestra, composed 2018

Midnight in the City is inspired by the iconic tumultuous rainstorms of Seattle. Sonically, themes are passed around the orchestra, building intensity as it flows, before releasing as dawn breaks. This is a perfect crowd pleaser piece for any concert. 

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A Day in the Life 

Full Orchestra, composed 2014

Imagined as a main theme for a superhero film, A Day in the Life begins with a bold theme following a hero going about their day, saving the world one amazing act at a time. The music then shifts to a broad, expansive melody as day yields to night.

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Image by JJ Ying

5 Minutes

Chamber Ensemble, composed 2014

A relaxed contemporary piece, written for the short film 5 Minutes directed by Christina Park. A mysterious woman appears suddenly to an artist drawing in a park. They start to talk and really seem to hit it off, but what happens when the sand in the small hourglass that she turned at the beginning of their conversation runs out?

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What People are Saying

Dave Davison, Reporter Tacoma Weekly

Midnight in the City” by Christopher Reed, This charmer is a lush and varied piece of music that was accompanied by poetic images of wet city streets bathed in a variety of urban lighting. Sonically and visually, it casts a spell. Cellos kick things off and are joined by bassoon and harp before the flutes take up the theme. Before long, the full range of instrumentation is incorporated. Impressionistic spaces reminiscent of French composer Claude Debussy are traversed before things gather speed and momentum, led by trumpets, which build toward something ominous. Reed’s composition is effective in the use of music as a medium to depict the experience of a storm."

Chris composed the music we walked down the isle [sic] to so many years ago, and I still show it off to people. He can add a really personal touch to a special day!

Jordan G, Groom

Chris is a great collaborator with thorough knowledge of music composition and film scoring. He is very adept at conveying the look and feel of a film through his music that compliments the moving images with elegant and nuanced arrangements.

Leah Franks, Owner Foxtrot Film Productions

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