“Midnight in the City” by Christopher Reed, a Seattle-based composer, percussionist and vocalist: This charmer is a lush and varied piece of music that was accompanied by poetic images of wet city streets bathed in a variety of urban lighting. Sonically and visually, it casts a spell. Cellos kick things off and are joined by bassoon and harp before the flutes take up the theme. Before long, the full range of instrumentation is incorporated. Impressionistic spaces reminiscent of French composer Claude Debussy are traversed before things gather speed and momentum, led by trumpets, which build toward something ominous. Reed’s composition is effective in the use of music as a medium to depict the experience of a storm."

Dave Davison / Tacoma Weekly / Reporter

"Chris composed the music we walked down the isle [sic] to so many years ago, and I still show it off to people. He can add a really personal touch to a special day!"

Jordan G., Groom